Kit for the Don stallion

A set for the Don stallion, made to order based on the painting of Fef Korolev and the bridle of ataman Platov. Genuine leather of an appetizing chocolate…

Dressage bridle

Bridle for Welsh pony.

Bridle with reins for Welsh pony. High-quality genuine leather, German fittings, sockets and polyteny with rhinestones and a few meters manual seam waxed thread.

Bridle in silver-lilac tones with agate

Bridle for a black lady, in silver-lilac tones. Agate, Czech beads, crystal beads and metal pendants. Browband Victory with rosette and pendants, Portuguese noseband.

Bridle for Akhal-Teke

Set for the magnificent Akhal-Teke mare. Bridle with metal sockets, crystal and metal beads, Czech beads and velvet aladzha finished silver cord, crystal beads and metal sockets with…


This bridle finished the primer and browband  wave of crystal beads and Czech beads dark steel specular color, was made with a wider than usual noseband. Bridle with…


Bridle chameleon with a primer on the soft substrate, with the tightening and browband wave. Decorating crystal beads and Czech beads in black, dark steel and silver.    

Silvery-blue bridle

Bridle of high-quality soft leather with trim on the noseband and browband crystal beads and Czech beads and a smooth transition of color in blue and white colors.