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Bag «Indian summer»

Luxury browband with zircon, Czech crystal and beads

Luxury browband with zircon, Czech crystal and beads. Very beautiful combination of deep blue and pale blue colors. Thank you, Anastasia, for the photos on your pet!

Collar for dogs

Collar for dogs made of imported genuine leather with a soft backing, finish Czech beads and crystal beads, hand stitching waxed thread. Bracelet and key chain from horse…

Arabic showhalter

Arabic show halter. Czech beads are dark-steel color, crystal blue faceted beads, metal elements, pendants, decorative rosettes on the browband. Thank you for the photos of a wonderful person and…

Showhalter with turquoise

Showhalter of dark chocolate leather and trimmed with turquoise, crystal, metal beads and pearls #Swarovski . Brass fittings, soft padded on the snoring, hand stitching.

Arabian showhalter

Spicy, fragrant, slightly ginger-spicy, with a hint of honey flavor, cloves and cardamom. Such as my favorite Christmas cookies, which brings the cross from Riga 🙂 This halter…

Show halter for miniature American stallion

And here is the sweetest spring halter for the charming red-and-white miniature American stallion. High-quality genuine leather, brass fittings. Finishing with pearls #Swarovski, agate, crystal, metal elements. Included…

Bridle in silver-lilac tones with agate

Bridle for a black lady, in silver-lilac tones. Agate, Czech beads, crystal beads and metal pendants. Browband Victory with rosette and pendants, Portuguese noseband.

Silver-blue show halter

Show halter. Clean, bright as snow and winter blue-blue sky! Elegant pearls #Swarovski, Czech crystal and beads, metal beads and elements. The halter is made of high-quality real leather,…

Purple bracelet

Bracelet and pendant made of horsehair, sent by ordered it. The decoration used purple crystal beads, metal elements.