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Kit for the Akhal-Teke

A set for an Akhal-Teke with silver-plated jewelry – a lead-out halter and alaji of different widths. He went to the Akhal-Tekinets stud farm, Dubna, Moscow region.

A set for the Akhal-Teke.

A set for the Akhal-Teke. Flew to England, I hope to see him soon on a straw horse.🥰There were no photos of my work on such a suit…

Aladja for the Akhal-Teke

Aladja with ornaments from the light hand of Fef called ” horse’s eye”) It is made of genuine leather with metal fittings, on the inside there is a…

Aladja for an Akhal-Teke with suspensions.

Aladja for an Akhal-Teke with suspensions. Silver-plated jewelry, genuine high-quality leather, German accessories, hand-stitched with waxed thread with a saddle seam. On the inside, a soft backing with…

Kit for the Akhal-Teke

This year opens a magnificent set for a young Akhal-Teke with beautiful handmade jewelry with silvering.  Genuine leather, German hardware, waxed thread stitching, completely handmade. Leaving for France….

Three Aladzha for Akhal-Teke stallion

Bracelet of tails and mane of four Akhal-Teke horses

This bracelet is made of tails and mane of four Akhal-Teke horses, favorites of the customer. Sunlight and warmth, stored in carnelian beads, will be nice to warm…

Aladja. Collars for Akhal – Teke horse

Aladja for incredibly beautiful Akhal-Teke-Azik-Khan. Made of natural chocolate brown leather, sewn by hand with a waxed thread. Decorated with rosettes with rhinestones. On the inside is duplicated…

Showhalter with turquoise

Showhalter of dark chocolate leather and trimmed with turquoise, crystal, metal beads and pearls #Swarovski . Brass fittings, soft padded on the snoring, hand stitching.

Bracelet tails and mane of four Akhal-Teke horses