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Kit for the Akhal-Teke

A set for an Akhal-Teke with silver-plated jewelry – a lead-out halter and alaji of different widths. He went to the Akhal-Tekinets stud farm, Dubna, Moscow region.

Browband with blue zircon, golden Czech crystal and beads.

Aladja for the Akhal-Teke

Aladja with ornaments from the light hand of Fef called ” horse’s eye”) It is made of genuine leather with metal fittings, on the inside there is a…

Aladja for an Akhal-Teke with suspensions.

Aladja for an Akhal-Teke with suspensions. Silver-plated jewelry, genuine high-quality leather, German accessories, hand-stitched with waxed thread with a saddle seam. On the inside, a soft backing with…

Elegant leather halter.

Elegant leather halter. The halter is made of high-quality genuine leather with a soft backing on the impudent and occipital straps, brass German fittings. Sewn by hand with…

A straight browband with a soft backing, with Czech crystal and beads.

Browbands with beads in the color of ancient bronze

And between the Akhal-Teke sets, I stretch my fingers on my favorite browbands with zircon, Czech crystal and beads 😄 These beauties with beads of the color of…

Browband with suspensions

There are orders that are given easily, made in one go, and are simply delicious 😊 This is just one of these . A wonderful, airy, gentle browband…

Browband with orange and green zircon

Browband with bright orange and green zircon, Czech crystal and beads for regular customers 💐 😊

Three Aladzha for Akhal-Teke stallion