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A luxurious set for an Arabian stallion.

Arabic showhalter

Arabic show halter. Czech beads are dark-steel color, crystal blue faceted beads, metal elements, pendants, decorative rosettes on the browband. Thank you for the photos of a wonderful person and…

Showhalter with turquoise

Showhalter of dark chocolate leather and trimmed with turquoise, crystal, metal beads and pearls #Swarovski . Brass fittings, soft padded on the snoring, hand stitching.

Arabian showhalter

Spicy, fragrant, slightly ginger-spicy, with a hint of honey flavor, cloves and cardamom. Such as my favorite Christmas cookies, which brings the cross from Riga 🙂 This halter…

Silver-blue show halter

Show halter. Clean, bright as snow and winter blue-blue sky! Elegant pearls #Swarovski, Czech crystal and beads, metal beads and elements. The halter is made of high-quality real leather,…