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Kit for the Akhal-Teke

A set for an Akhal-Teke with silver-plated jewelry – a lead-out halter and alaji of different widths. He went to the Akhal-Tekinets stud farm, Dubna, Moscow region.

A set for the Akhal-Teke.

A set for the Akhal-Teke. Flew to England, I hope to see him soon on a straw horse.🥰There were no photos of my work on such a suit…

Kit for the Don stallion

A set for the Don stallion, made to order based on the painting of Fef Korolev and the bridle of ataman Platov. Genuine leather of an appetizing chocolate…

Aladja for the Akhal-Teke

Aladja with ornaments from the light hand of Fef called ” horse’s eye”) It is made of genuine leather with metal fittings, on the inside there is a…

Aladja for an Akhal-Teke with suspensions.

Aladja for an Akhal-Teke with suspensions. Silver-plated jewelry, genuine high-quality leather, German accessories, hand-stitched with waxed thread with a saddle seam. On the inside, a soft backing with…

Browbands with zircon, Czech crystal and beads.

A horsehair keychain with ultramarine beads of an iridescent cat’s eye.

Elegant leather halter.

Elegant leather halter. The halter is made of high-quality genuine leather with a soft backing on the impudent and occipital straps, brass German fittings. Sewn by hand with…

Bracelets and key rings made of horse hair with agate.

Two sets for mother and daughter.  

A straight browband with a soft backing, with Czech crystal and beads.